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To a technology-centric future, to a person-centric world

Rekyung Chem regards customer value as its top priority, and cherishes change and the value of challenges.

C&D Technology Innovation Center

We strive to create new core value through R&D and technology sharing.

We prepare for the future.

The C&D Technology Innovation Center was established to act on the core values to achieve our vision. Based on empirical research, we strive to become the number one leader in refining basic organic compounds and by-product treatment to improve industry environments. Furthermore, we are accelerating the selection and development of new growth industries for Rekyung to become a world class company.

C&D Technology Innovation Center is technology.

The C&D Technology Innovation Center aims to become number one in technology. For this, we provide differentiated, optimized solutions for our customers’ satisfaction that exceed our competitors in both quality and technology, so that the center can develop and grow along with our customers.



Satisfaction of Customer Needs
Maximization of Research through Selection and Concentration
Specialization of Research
Trust and Cooperation


Presenting new growth through technology development based on predicted market changes

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